Sunday, February 22, 2009

SCRIMAGE: Paintings by Troyan Tecau and Nick D'Ambrosia

Troyan Tecau
30” x 37” (framed), Oil on paper

Troyan Tecau
SUMMER DREAM (2008) ---- for Type O Negative
93.5” x 76”, Mixed media on canvas

Nick D'Ambrosia
STONES (2007)
71” x 84.5”, Oil on canvas

Nick D'Ambrosia
PROW (2009)
40.5” x 63”, Oil on canvas

Troyan Tecau
POMPEII (2004)
40” x 26”, Oil on board

Troyan Tecau
K & T IN GRANADA (2004-2009)
10” x 8”, Gold and silver leaf on board

Nick D'Ambrosia
BIG PINK (2008)
48” x 68”, Oil on canvas

Please drop by to check out the paintings! Friday-Sunday 12-6pm or by appointment.


Cakespy said...

This is probably a long shot - but I am trying to find Nick D'ambrosia's info - I wonder if I could get in touch with him through you?

karipunat said...

Hi Cakespy. Yes, I can put you in touch with him. Please email me at

brittanywinter said...

I lost touch with Nick back in art school and would love to get in touch with him, could I get in touch through you?
-Brittany Winter